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Originally Posted by Magnum9987 View Post
Wouldn't they have saved a couple hundred pounds by removing the electric motor and batteries? That would have also allowed them to have a lower profile nose, or more trunk space at the least. If I got my hands on that little two cylinder, I'd swap it into a caterham and use the difference to make a new body for it.
The thing is though, because it's a plug-in hybrid fuel economy in the NEDC is measured differently from conventional fuel-only powered car or traditionals hybirds and that helps it achieve its exceptional figures. For instance the test is started with the battery fully chagred.

However, apparently it can do 450km on the 10 litre tank, so that still works out at 2,2l/100km (107mpg US / 128mpg UK) which is still impressive. I'd prefer the fuel tank to be a little big bigger and for me the plug-in malarkey is a bit of useless nonsense, for now at least. But still, definitely interested.
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