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Introducing world cars, in most cases is a receipe for disaster. That's because different geographical areas have different needs. And those needs do not arise from personal preferences, but rather from space, economic or cultural (amongst others) constraints which makes them rather difficult to change. As a result the cars present on those geographic areas will have to be necessarily different, not better or worse, but just different.

Traditionally european cars have been regarded as the best for the enthusiast and our continent is for the most part quite well shaped to enjoy driving. But let's brutally honest here, we do not all drive around in hot hatches and sports saloons terrorising the laws of physics and doing a million in the motorway. The reality for the average european is very different, even for those who like cars.

A very large proportion of cars here are diesel, with the aural problems this causes. We also drive around in small cars with low powered engines. In truth the average european car is a slow one. Fuel is very expensive, and there's an ever increasing amount of speed cameras and speed bumps pretty much everywhere.

So don't think it's all perfect here.
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