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World cars just makes a lot more sense from a financial perspective though. In GM's case, all of their entities, from EU, Asia, S. America, and NA, all used to have their own accounting, their own budget, their own testing standard. By unifying much of the architecture, and as much of the "invisible components", you are getting the max benefit of economy of scale, and you will still let the local entity do their localization. A good car will sell regardless where its designed, and realistically today, the divide between what works where is rapidly shrinking. Its not like European only drives small cars, or American only drives land yacht....

FYI the new Lancia 300 is pretty sweet....aside from the pure badge engineered exterior, the interior is much more upscaled than the Chrysler version....

As an aside, the new Bob Lutz book as I've mentioned was a good read. There are alot of blaming the other and Lutz coolaid in it, but the insight he gives on the GM process and why it was not working, and some background in the whole bailout deal is pretty good info...
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