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Originally Posted by Matra et Alpine View Post
So a 10 year old M-B chassis gets another new badge ?

"World cars" make sense when moving forward and developing new features - Ford et al have done this with some success.

But the 300 if an example of a "world car" for cost reasons and I'd rather not see those continue at the middle/top of the market otherwise it drops down to cheapest component supplier and no innovation.
The 300 chassis was never used by MB. The chassis was under development at Chrysler when MB came in. MB wanted it (rightly or wrongly) redesigned to use existing MB hardware. So the car got a MB rear end and suspension that was a cost reduced version of what MB was using (cast iron vs alloy parts in some cases). The use of MB parts certainly delayed the project which was a real pity because the 300 and family were the only real hits of the MB era at Chrysler. Only 2 years or so after the 300 came out the US gas prices shot up and really cut into the sales of the car. Had they released the car a year or two earlier the added sales might have made up for not using MB parts. Either way the chassis was not just a left over E-class chassis.
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