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Yeah, world cars make sense and all, but what happens if a particular variation of a world car doesn't make it to your market?

Something like Honda not getting the Stream to the US markets.

I would say it would sell great, but Honda of America thinks otherwise.

I was going over the figures the other day- the heaviest Crosstour is a full 400 lbs (200 kg or so) heavier than the heaviest Accord V6 sedan.

Why did Honda think another SUV-like crossover was going to be a good idea, I have no clue.

And I do not have high hopes for Chrysler. Their only product that should exist is the Viper.

Ford is doing an okay job.

GM is okay I guess too.

One problem I see is corn subsidies. We all know it doesn't work now, so why are we still siphoning off valuable tax dollars for something we know won't work?

The excuse is that to win Iowa in the elections is to appease all the hick corn growers. It's time to put politics aside and put the country first, a lot like a billion other problems the US has.

Other problems I see- Elon Musk. A company that hasn't turned a profit since its inception, I don't see why we should invest money in cars that won't be affordable in the first place. Besides, battery technology isn't there yet.

I never liked hybrids. It's a great stopgap, but it never will be the solution.

f6hellcat- I agree with your original statement- the current crop of cars are boring. That's why most commenting on the forum is mostly about cars made 10+ years ago.
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