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Originally Posted by Duell View Post
I've played XCOM for about 2hours.
It has a lot of potential. With upgrading your base crew and weapons.
But It just works to slow for my taste. Which I should have known. It's a turn based game.

After almost completing Just Cause 3 I'v started with Car Mechanic simulator.
With out any problems I'm now 70hours in to the game. And still like it very much.
If you really want to play XCOM the real way, you need to not save scum and get very attached to your crew, name them and customize them... and then agonize which soldiers to sacrifice in a very hard mission. I don't have the guts to do that, but if you're really a stickler for punishment, play it on very hard mode.

I've been playing much more PS4 lately and recently beat Spiderman 4 and Bioshock 2. Spiderman 4 is a solid must buy for PS4, and Bioshock 2 was enjoyable too, but the story was a bit forgettable.

I've since moved onto The Last of US for PS4 and it's a great game, about halfway though. the AI is dumb as rocks though, but the story is solid.
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