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Originally Posted by Ferrer View Post
I haven't played anything... for months.

Sometimes I go to a friends place with another friends and play Project Cars 2 with a steering wheel and some pedals... that's about it.

(And we demonstrate him who's boss on the race track! )
That's fine, I play video games in spurts. I'm only home occasionally, and thank god for that, I'd be playing constantly if I had easy access to my PS4. I will say, I miss split screen gaming, N64 and Gamecube style. I might get Crash Bandicoot just to relive that aspect of gaming.

I finished the Last of Us a few weeks back, and it's an awesome game. AI did not impress me, but the story was top notch and surprisingly the sound design was excellent. Definitely a must get for anyone with a PS3 or PS4. For anyone who wanted to play a video game version of the Walking Dead or enjoy survival/stealth horror, it's a great game.

I also started XCOM 2, and it's quite brutal in difficulty even though I'm playing on easy. Not that different from XCOM 1, but I liked that game so I'm ok with that. I'm experimenting with remote play with my iPad cautiously, I don't want to be too distracted haha. So many excellent games on the PS4. I have many, many games on back log. Planning on getting Red Dead Redemption 2. Already have God of War, and am excited for Cyberpunk 2077.

On the other hand, I'm kind of disappointed at the lack of racing games on PS4. Anyone have any recommendations? Gran Turismo, although pretty doesn't really scratch the robust single player campaign itch I so desperately want from them. I don't enjoy online racing with strangers, nor do I play frequently enough on the PS4 to justify paying for Playstation Plus. I feel like the very little online racing I did on PS3 was deeply unsatisfying and unreasonably punishing and limiting. You would get punished for accidents/shunts that you didn't have control over even if you were rammed by someone else.

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