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Originally Posted by zondaventa725 View Post
The only way to get enough downforce to go around corners in this car is to be speeding outrageously, because at road speeds the air isn't moving over it quickly enough. I don't know how it's road-legal, I just don't want to be coming the other way when it's skidding wildly out of control down the road.
All cars at road speeds don't have air moving quickly enough over them. That's because the air has the same speed of the car in the opposite direction.

What this car may lacks is weight, to an extent. Softer tires would just make the job, given you're not interested in them lasting 50.000 km, or 5.000 for that matters.

Also, of all cars skidding wildly out of control against me, I think this would rank in the top 5. It's light, so way less kinetic energy to sustain on the impact, and it's very low, so it wouldn't likely engage the impact zones on any other regular cars, basically sustaining most of the combined energy.

As for being road-legal, it's not that different from an Atom V8 or a Caterham Levante, or even a Radical SR8.
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