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Originally Posted by culver View Post
Until gas was over $2/gallon diesels made very little sense in the US.
They still won't. - All that will happen is the Government will increase fuel tax to match your reduced consumption. You'll not pay less for long because politicians need those tax dollars to spend on [insert current trendy waste of time & money here] and suppressing any freedom we have left.

I bought a diesel when prices were c0.95 / litre. 5 years later it's more like 1.45.

Originally Posted by culver View Post
Even the best of the Euro diesels were just 'as good as' but never better than a gas engine in basically everything but mileage.
Just no. They are heavier, more complicated, have higher levels of NVH, sound awful, have poor throttle response and need more maintenance than the NA petrols we were all using a few years ago. The only areas they are ahead in is torque (because turbo) and economy / CO2.

Take away the turbocharger and diesels are hopeless in normal cars. - Compare VW's SDI Golf Mk5 to their 2.0FSI (both engines are naturally aspirated) for an example. The FSI has twice the power (150ps vs 75), better throttle response, a nicer power / torque curve and only loses out on economy.

The problem with turbochargers, particulate filters, direct injectors etc. is that they do go wrong...and when they do, all your economy savings are wiped-out. My Dad's just had to pay out ~1,500 after the DPF system on his Mini failed. - If he wasn't doing 45,000 miles per annum (driving instructor), there's no way he'd choose diesel. It really is a false economy in most cases; especially when sheeple here buy a 25,000 Golf TDi and then only do 8,000 miles per year.

When I bought the C4, it made however, my partner only does short urban journeys and it's a liability I can't wait to get rid of (hopefully before the turbo failure that's common on these cars happens). We're thinking about something like a Mini Cooper or Suzuki Swift Sport (both NA petrols) but can't afford to change yet (mostly due to the Citroen's awful residual values).

Most importantly as a car enthusiast though: I never have a sudden urge to go for a drive in the "ecobox". - The straight six, RWD, manual BMW with a proper howl and maximum power 400 rpm off the redline however...
"This is hardcore." - Evo's John Barker on the TVR Tuscan S
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