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Originally Posted by Magnum9987 View Post
Diesels are very much a victim of their circumstances. Really, When you get down to the basics of engine technology, the only difference between a diesel and a petrol engine is the fuel system. Old diesel engines running mechanical injection would last forever. All of them were dramatically overbuilt, and didn't have computers and fancy injectors that went wrong, never mind the diesel particulate filters or EGR systems. But our modern times call for them to be more frugal, more compact and lighter, so the reliability suffers, the complexity is multiplied, and sure the weight is reduced, but again, at the cost of durability. I think given more time, the diesel engine could be developed to be the equal of the petrol engine.
I thinki it will be the other way round, petrol engines will start to include more and more lessons in technology that were first developed in diesel engine.
Originally Posted by jcp123 View Post
I'd sooner have diesel than hybrid. Call me old-fashioned if you must.
Try finding a hybrid that can cruise at 170km/h (105mph) and still return 6,6l/100km (43mpg UK / 36mpg US). And it wasn't even a particularly modern engine or a specially optimised car...
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