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Originally Posted by Magnum9987 View Post
Diesels are very much a victim of their circumstances. Really, When you get down to the basics of engine technology, the only difference between a diesel and a petrol engine is the fuel system. Old diesel engines running mechanical injection would last forever. All of them were dramatically overbuilt, and didn't have computers and fancy injectors that went wrong, never mind the diesel particulate filters or EGR systems. But our modern times call for them to be more frugal, more compact and lighter, so the reliability suffers, the complexity is multiplied, and sure the weight is reduced, but again, at the cost of durability.
Correct. In addition, more complexity = more expense. A new VW Golf 2.0TDI (c150 HP) is c£25,000 / $38,000 USD here and generally diesels are £'000s more than their petrol equivalents. You have to be doing a lot of miles to make the money back via reduced fuel costs...and then that's IF it doesn't suffer an expensive failure that wipes-out those savings.

I have to call as I see...and this diesel hysteria has a strong whiff of 'Emperor's New Clothes' about it.

Originally Posted by Magnum9987 View Post
I think given more time, the diesel engine could be developed to be the equal of the petrol engine.
In actuality, diesel engine technology has seen more investment in recent years than petrol. - In fact, the latest turbo petrols are closing the gap in terms of economy etc.

Originally Posted by jcp123 View Post
I'd sooner have diesel than hybrid. Call me old-fashioned if you must.
According to the report by Exxon Mobil, diesel hybrids are set to make-up the majority of new cars on the world's roads c2040. - They'll probably be at least partially self-driving by then as enjoy driving whilst you can!

It seems a classic case of "the grass is always greener". - I wish I could afford to drive a big displacement RWD coupé. - A Mustang 5.0, for example, is not a practical proposition as a daily driver here due to fuel costs. Once you're forced into driving asthmatic forced induction diesels by costs and legislation, it doesn't take long for the novelty to wear off, trust me.

Actually wanting them is IMHO like turkeys voting for Christmas.

Originally Posted by Kitdy View Post
Be thankful you have tax revenue. Have you seen Michigan or Alabama?!
It's about balance and my country (together with the rest of Europe) is currently leaning too far to the left. Tax and squander, tax and squander...

Originally Posted by Ferrer View Post
Try finding a hybrid that can cruise at 170km/h (105mph) and still return 6,6l/100km (43mpg UK / 36mpg US). And it wasn't even a particularly modern engine or a specially optimised car...
105mph! That's a pipe dream with this killjoy, car hating communist country. Average speed cameras on our Motorways (limit: 50mph for long stretches) see to that. - Idiots here seem to think the Earth will implode if you hit three figures...just like they thought people would suffocate on trains (because apparently they wouldn't be capable of breathing air above a certain speed) when they came along...

...oh wait.
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