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Originally Posted by Kitdy View Post
The Ghibli is a Challenger too, isn't it? That means these are all very old E Classes...
Originally Posted by Revo View Post
That old E-class was sourced from the even older S-class. The origins of the S-class itself, of course, can be traced back to an oxcart.

So this means.....what?
The thing is it isn't.

It's the first car (I'm having a hard time to believe this wasn't the QP, but anyway...) to use the brand new Fiat-Chrysler rear wheel drive architecture for large cars.

This means this platform will be used in this, the next 300, the next Charger, the next Challenger, maybe the next Thema is Lancia isn't killed off first.. and that sci-fi thing they call the E-Segment Alfa Romeo saloon.
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