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Originally Posted by Revo View Post
^^^ Exactly.

Except the QP part. AFAIK, new Quattroporte was the debut of that brand new RWD platform.
I read it was the Ghibli the car which debuted it, but that clearly makes no sense at all so you must be right.

Also, the Ghibli has definitely an air of being a SWB QP.
Originally Posted by pimento View Post
Better a new Fiat platform than an old S-class platform.. probably.
It is amazing that finally Fiat got their act together to actually make proper rear wheel drive, relatively affordable sports saloons. Thanks to the Americans that is...

It is also amazing that it was Lancia, of all brands, that got the first proper mass production rear wheel drive car. Much before Maserati or Alfa Romeo, who despite all the cries of the Alfisti still hasn't got any...
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