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Originally Posted by f6fhellcat13 View Post
How common are the Chryslancias? I assume very few are on the roads, but there is part of me that would be impressed if they sold any at all. If they did start selling well, it would probably cause TC by Maserati prices to rise, thus destroying the universe.
Oh, don't worry they aren't popular at all.

Far more popular is the Dodgiat.
Originally Posted by Revo View Post
Current Chrysler 300 is a very charming car indeed. I simply cannot comprehend the idea of labeling something that is utterly American as a Lancia. It makes my brain melt.
It's strange indeed. Marketing and costs dictate it. It makes me angry as well. However the Voyager makes me even angrier... I don't understand why anyone buys it.
Originally Posted by Revo View Post
I say - bring it on! While they are at it, why not make a SUV too?

The vast majority of Porsches sold these days are diesel Cayennes anyway. Why shouldn't Maserati try to sell cars the public wants?
People cannot discern correct what they want, as it turns out.

Porsche diesel is wrong, Jaguar diesel is wronger, Maserati diesel is wrongest.
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