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Originally Posted by Ferrer View Post
The thing is it isn't.

It's the first car (I'm having a hard time to believe this wasn't the QP, but anyway...) to use the brand new Fiat-Chrysler rear wheel drive architecture for large cars.

This means this platform will be used in this, the next 300, the next Charger, the next Challenger, maybe the next Thema is Lancia isn't killed off first.. and that sci-fi thing they call the E-Segment Alfa Romeo saloon.
The Autoblog Podcast's Speculation misled me. Where did you glean this? Have you started reading the dirty Euro rags again, or is this all digital info from commieland?

Originally Posted by pimento View Post
Better a new Fiat platform than an old S-class platform.. probably.
Yeah. At least it's not older than Methuselah.

Originally Posted by Ferrer View Post
I've seen more Voyagers than Themas, which is sad.

I somewhat sort of fancy a Thema a bit. Unfortunately, I don't think it fits in my parking space...
You best watch your mouth concerning dem' Voyagers, son.

Originally Posted by f6fhellcat13 View Post
If they did start selling well, it would probably cause TC by Maserati prices to rise, thus destroying the universe.
I want to give you all of the rep, as well as the highest Misho ratio possible. Look it up.

Originally Posted by Revo View Post
The vast majority of Porsches sold these days are diesel Cayennes anyway. Why shouldn't Maserati try to sell cars the public wants?
I know what you say may be hyperbolae, but I don't think so. I believe the plurality of Porsches sold are Cayennes. I am not sure if the diesel outsells the gas.

Originally Posted by Ferrer View Post
Oh, don't worry they aren't popular at all.

Far more popular is the Dodgiat.

It's strange indeed. Marketing and costs dictate it. It makes me angry as well. However the Voyager makes me even angrier... I don't understand why anyone buys it.

People cannot discern correct what they want, as it turns out.

Porsche diesel is wrong, Jaguar diesel is wronger, Maserati diesel is wrongest.
The Dodge Dart turns my head every time I see it. Along with the ATS. And the Volt. And the Tesla S. and the Karma. The latter two I see regularly, but far less than the preceding three.

As for your wrong, wronger, wrongest list, meh. It's a different time. You can not buy the diesel, which is the most crucial of all. Also, you don't see a 911 or F-Type with an oilburner, so the universe's qi is maintained.
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