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So I had a test vehicle under my behind for the past three weeks. If I'm honest, I like the car. A lot! It drives very nicely, definately comparable to it's competitors.
I have a 2.8 liter petrol connected to a 6-speed automatic gearbox. The driveline is really nice and smooth, though downshifting needs to be perfected.
Handling is pretty good too. Basically it drives like the user will expect of a car this size. In the city it turns quickly and despite it's size handles almost like a mid-size car. On the motorway however it drives solid as a truck.

Exterior looks are good, it attracts a lot of attention and positive comments from colleagues and other motorists.
Interior is slightly less, some hard plastic parts give it that bit of Chinese feel. It doesn't always do justice to the 'premium' feel they strive for. It's not bad though, if you think of the price tag.

All in all, I actually think they might have a chance on the European market, if they market it right.
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