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Originally posted by White Devil
GT 4 is supose to be on XboX the other s arent cause XboX was a bit late for those games but for now on it will have all the new games so go for the XboX
GT4 is for PS2 ONLY!
All of the Gran Tourismo's were created by Polyphony Digital. They are dedicated only to the PS2 either through a contract, personal devotion, or both, I'm not sure.

This was taken from

"Polyphony Digital
Formerly known as Polys Entertainment, an internal developer at SCEI(Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.) - under that name, they developed the two Motor Toon Grand Prix racers for PlayStation. After the completion of their next project, the monumentally successful Gran Turismo, they were granted a greater degree of autonomy by SCEI and renamed Polyphony Digital. Under that name, they developed Omega Boost, Gran Turismo 2 and Gran Turismo 3 A-spec (both astonishing successes) and are currently working on GT4 for PlayStation 2. Led by Kazunori Yamauchi, director of GT. Considered one of the premier developers on PlayStation 2 and SCEI's greatest internal development asset."

Notice that last part, "SCEI's greatest internal development asset" PD is Sony's greatest internal development. Not Microsoft's. Or any others for that reason.
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