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Originally Posted by Ferrer View Post
Wow those are amazing.

The first one, the one with the Renault 5, is this a sign from the city council?
Were I a less law-abiding man, I would have risked igloo prison in Nunavut by stealing it. That one is the only one that I believe was actually installed by the government. Part of their underlying Francophilia, I gotta suppose.

About the white generic 70's american hardtop, seems too big to be a Mustang II, doesn't it?
Yeah, my first thought was Oldsmobile Mustang II, so I picked the one with Roman numerals for maximum Malaise aspiration. Opera windows are sadly absent. Thinking about it, I'd say a GM A-body would probably be closest.

EDIT: The only one with quarter windows that big would be the Grand Am, I guess?
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