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Chrysler New Yorker (1st gen) 1940-1942

The Chrysler New Yorker is an automobile model which was produced by Chrysler from 1940 to 1996, serving for several years as the brand's flagship model. A trim level named the "New York Special" first appeared in 1938 and the "New Yorker" name debuted in 1939. The New Yorker name helped define the Chrysler brand as a maker of upscale models, priced and equipped above mainstream brands like Ford, Chevrolet/Pontiac, and Dodge/Plymouth, but below full luxury brands like Cadillac, Lincoln and Packard. During the New Yorker's tenure, it competed against upper level models from Buick, Oldsmobile and Mercury. Until its discontinuation in 1996, the New Yorker had made its mark as the longest-running American car nameplate.

First generation 1940-1942
The New York Special model was originally introduced as a distinct sub-series of the 1938 Chrysler Imperial. It was available in 1938 as a four-door sedan with a 298.7 CID straight-eight engine and a generous amount of comfort and space for the passengers (series C19). For 1939 it was expanded with two more coupe versions and a two-door sedan and a larger, more powerful engine. Now the C23 series, it took on the "New Yorker" name, dropping the "Special" tag.

The first convertibles were introduced with the all-new body-design of the 1940 models. This, the C26 series, was the first New Yorker to be considered a standalone model rather than as an Imperial version. It also saw the introduction of Fluid Drive, a fluid coupling between the engine and the clutch. The only transmission available was the basic three-speed manual. There was also the "New Yorker Highlander", a special version with tartan seats and other interior elements.

Lightly redesigned bodies were introduced for 1941, with the business coupe now being a three window design. The bodies were all marginally wider and lower, with increased glass surface. Another new model was the Town Sedan with the rear doors having the hinges at the forward edge of the doors. This year, the Vacamatic was made available, although unlike the version sold on six-cylinder models, the Saratoga/New Yorker version was a three speed transmission with overdrive. With America entering World War II on 7 December 1941, all automobile production came to an end at the beginning of February, 1942. Thus, the 1942 model year was roughly half the normal length. Cars built after December 1941 had blackout trim.

The 1942s were quite modern, of a design which was heralding the post-war ponton style with fenders more incorporated into the bodywork. The grille consisted of five horizontal chrome bars which wrapped around the front, reaching all the way to the leading edge of the front wheelhouses. Some 12,145 New Yorkers of the C36 series were built this year. Chrysler would produce and experiment with engines for tanks and aircraft during World War II. One post-war application of this would lead to the creation of the first generation Hemi of the 1950s.

Source: Wikipeda

Chrysler New Yorker history:
Chrysler New Yorker (1st gen) 1940-1942
Chrysler New Yorker (2nd gen) 1946-1948
Chrysler New Yorker (3rd gen) 1949-1954
Chrysler New Yorker (4th gen) 1955-1956
Chrysler New Yorker (5th gen) 1957-1959
Chrysler New Yorker (6th gen) 1960-1964
Chrysler New Yorker (7th gen) 1965-1968
Chrysler New Yorker (8th gen) 1969-1973
Chrysler New Yorker (9th gen) 1974-1978
Chrysler New Yorker (10th gen) 1979-1981
Chrysler New Yorker (12th gen) 1983-1988
Chrysler New Yorker (13th gen) 1988-1993
Chrysler New Yorker (14th gen) 1994-1996
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