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Chrysler Saratoga (3rd Gen) 1957-1965

Chrysler reused the Saratoga nameplate in 1957 as part of its "Forward Look" styling by Virgil Exner. Again, the Saratoga was positioned between the base Windsor and top New Yorkers models, but received trim upgrades and better appointments inside the passenger compartment. The base V8 in the Saratoga was a cast-iron poly head block V8 shared with the Windsor. Chrysler’s highly praised Hemi was not available as an option. Early 1957 models featured dual headlights, with quad-headlights as an option where permitted by state law. By the model year's end all Saratogas were outfitted with quad headlights.

For 1958, all Windsors were shifted to the 122 inch Dodge chassis, and used a modified front end design based in part on Dodge's front clip - this was especially evident around the Windsor's headlights. Saratogas continued to be based on the longer 126 inch wheelbase using the New Yorker body and was again available in three body styles – four-door sedan, four-door hardtop, and two-door hardtop coupe.

In Canada, the 1957–1958 Saratoga was sold as the Windsor. The American Windsor was not sold in Canada although Windsor station wagons were imported.

In 1959, the Saratoga remained on the longer Chrysler wheelbase and in the same three models. The Saratoga was sold as the Saratoga in Canada this year, sharing its interior with the Canadian-built DeSoto Firedome. For 1959 the Saratoga got the new RB V8 engine, although it was the Chrysler-only 383-cid in 1959 and 1960. Canadian-built 1959–1960 Saratogas used the B block 383 as used by Dodge and DeSoto.

In its final year in the U.S., the 1960 Chrysler Saratoga was based wholly on the New Yorker body shell, less New Yorker trimmings, and again offered in three body styles – four-door sedan, four-door hardtop, and two-door hardtop coupe. Some 15,525 1960 Chrysler Saratogas rolled off the assembly line.

In 1961, Chrysler decided to release a new low-price entry-level model called the Chrysler Newport for the American market, a name which in 1961 was commonly associated with Chrysler’s expensive hardtops in the early and mid 1950s. While the Newport took the place of the Windsor in the lineup, the company cancelled the mid-range Saratoga, and elevated the Windsor name to the mid-level position.

In Canada the Saratoga continued on through to 1965 with the Windsor line remaining on the bottom. Thus the Canadian 1961 Saratoga was basically the U.S. Windsor with Saratoga nameplates on the 122 inch wheelbase.

For 1962 Canadians did not get the new Sport 300, but instead got the Saratoga. The grille was shared with the Newport/Windsor while the side trim was from the American Newport. The trunk lid sported New Yorker trim. Model offering remained 4-door sedan and hardtop plus 2-door hardtop.

New bodies appeared for 1963 with the Canadian Saratoga using the same grille and trim as the U.S. 300, only with "Saratoga 300" nameplates, as the series was now called. Body styles remained the same and this year the 300 convertible was imported.

Although the American 1964 300 continued to used the 1963 headlamp rings, the Canadian Saratoga 300 used the headlamp treatment of the Newport/Windsor. The American 300 convertible continued to be an import.

1965 brought completely new "C" bodies on a 124 inch wheelbase. Again, the Canadian Saratoga 300 was identical to the U.S. 300. This was the last year for a Saratoga sold in North America.

For 1966 the mid-range Chrysler series in Canada was sold as the 300, except it used Newport/Windsor taillamps. The same three models continued, but this year the American 300 convertible and two-door hardtop were imported and marketed as the Sport 300.

Source: wikipedia.org
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